How does food affect blood sugar levels?

How does food affect blood sugar levels?

Many factors, including exercise, stress, and illness, affect your blood sugar levels.

That said, one of the largest factors is what you eat.

Of the three macronutrients — carbs, protein, and fat — carbs have the greatest effect on blood sugar. That’s because your body breaks down carbs into sugar, which enters your bloodstream.

This occurs with all carbs, such as refined sources like chips and cookies, as well as healthy types like fruits and vegetables.

However, whole foods contain fiber. Unlike starch and sugar, naturally occurring fiber does not raise blood sugar levels and may even slow this rise.

When people with diabetes eat foods high in digestible carbs, their blood sugar levels can surge. High carb intake typically requires high doses of insulin or diabetes medication to control blood sugar.

Because they’re unable to produce insulin, people with type 1 diabetes need to inject insulin several times a day, regardless of what they eat. However, eating fewer carbs can significantly reduce their mealtime insulin dosage.

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